Trojans avoid Pro Bowl shutout

Troy Polamalu is the perennial pro bowl selection, but injuries crippled his opportunity for the upcoming event. Lofa Tatupu sings that same song, scrapped in Seattle to watch it from home. Carson Palmer guides a division champion, but his season numbers wouldn’t fare well in a popularity contest. And is there anyone more unpopular than the NFL’s best third down receiver, Steve Smith, who rarely receives a mention among the league’s pass catchers?

Southern California has been synonymous to the NFL’s postseason all-star game, but in a season winding to near close, it appeared headed for a shutout. To gain access to the 2010 gathering of NFL greats, a different name would have to surface, a different face to reflect the program. And with the results of the balloting complete, that’s exactly what Brian Cushing became.

Brian Cushing will cap his rookie season by representing the Houston Texans and AFC in the Pro Bowl. In doing so, the linebacker’s name is etched beside a long list of Trojans that have also performed in the postseason exhibition.

In all, nine players that called the Pac 10 home were selected for ten positions. Cal’s DeSean Jackson was chosen as both a receiver and special teams player. Oregon’s Jairius Byrd joins Brian Cushing as a Pro Bowl selection in his rookie season.

[AFC Pro Bowl Defense]


~ by Anthony on December 29, 2009.

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