Florida to Meyer’s daughter: ‘I get your daddy back’

The situation in Gainesville has moved from one of sadness to something most bizarre. In fact, Urban Meyer’s 24-hour flip-flop, back peddle, reversal or whatever the hell you choose to call it, managed to bump a well known golfer out of sports headlines, leaving Mr. Woods scratching his head and waiting to see which decision will crawl out of the woodwork next.

At this time yesterday, Meyer was celebrating family, and in a public statement told of his 18-year old daughter’s reaction to his sudden resignation,which was to say  joyously,“I get my daddy back”. Health and family were the priorities, and there wasn’t a single person that wouldn’t share the sentiment. But before daddy’s little girl could be fully embraced by the man and his newfound dedication to family, the Florida football spirit came knocking in the middle of the night to haunt the younger Meyer. It spoke in a soft tone that faded in the distance, and uttered just five simple words, “I get your daddy back”.

As much as this appears to be a well scripted horror flick, it is not. This is the sudden reality of Urban Meyer, his family, and the University of Florida. Just one day after saying he loved life and his family more than anything else, he’s made a complete about face, showing more love for Florida football, instead. There’s no way to sugarcoat it, after the emotional outpouring that came just one day prior.

Urban Meyer is not stepping down from the University of Florida or walking away from football. He has decided to downscale it to an “indefinite leave of absence”, and would not rule out a return to the sidelines coming as soon as this fall. This means there will be no coaching search, because they still have a coach. Offensive coordinator Steve Addazio will act as the interim until Meyer returns.

There’s a collective sigh of relief from Gator Nation, but what can the mood in the Meyer’s home possibly be, after daddy inadvertently told the world that for a 24-hour period his priorities were not in correct order.

~ by Anthony on December 27, 2009.

One Response to “Florida to Meyer’s daughter: ‘I get your daddy back’”

  1. In one sense we can all sympathize with the rigors of coaching a DIV 1 school and it’s effects on the mind and body. However; the vacillation exhibited by Meyer and the lacking continuity in his comments causes me much concern.
    Is the man really sick (medically) and should retire? or are witnessing the proclivity of a narcissist and ‘Drama Queen’ on the eve of a game he is not sure he can win?

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