Jamere Holland…Remember him?

The empire can never forget Jamere Holland. He was the track star turned football receiver that stirred controversy before transferring to Oregon. But despite his transfer and his new team winning the Pac 10, Holland still has something in common with the current Trojans he left behind. He will also not make a Rose Bowl appearance, after being ruled academically ineligible on Wednesday.

Holland requested his release from USC  in 2007, around the same time as Emmanuel Moody. And just like Moody, the intention was to transfer to Florida. Moody’s request was granted, but Holland was denied. The receiver was attempting to reunite with an old high school track coach who had since found employment with the Gators. Alleging that the request was influenced by conversations between the Florida staff member and the Trojans’ player, USC denied his release to the southeast, but eventually allowed him to go north to Oregon.

Finishing with just 13 receptions for 199 yards this season, the Ducks are realizing Holland isn’t all he was quacked up to be. According to the Oregon Register-Guard, his history of academic struggles now places him in danger of being completely removed from the program.


~ by Anthony on December 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “Jamere Holland…Remember him?”

  1. Trojans suck! Tell your star free agents to be a little more discreet with their vehicle usage. What a moron!

  2. Maybe so, maybe not. No denying he made Pete cry with one of his TD’s, deep against the trojans.

  3. well he had 25 yard TD catch against U$C this year and still have a year left to get it together, he will be a part of a much improved WR corps next season

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