Vehicle owner responds to McKnight allegations

Scott Schenter is currently on a business trip in South Africa, but he took time to respond to an L.A times report published yesterday about his possible involvement in improprieties and connections to Joe McKnight and the USC football program.  In an email sent to both the L.A. Daily News and Seattle Times, Schenter took offense to the rush to judgment of both papers, and the disclosure of his private matters to both the public and his family.

Schenter wanted his email posted in its entirety, which it was.   He took resentment to the article being posted without the Times receiving a response from him first. He claims to be a fan of the University of Washington, even having a “W” tattoo on his ankle.  He is a Huskies season ticket holder, and does not have season tickets for USC football games.

He states that Johanna Beltran, the girlfriend of Joe McKnight, is a longtime friend of the family.  The vehicle in question is registered to Schenter, but only because Beltran, who is employed by him, could not qualify for the loan.  He also claims that the monthly payments of $500 are made by her, and not by himself or the business.

His claims would lead to shoddy reporting by both the L.A and Seattle Times, but there is also McKnight’s original claim that he never drove the vehicle, but there are other reports that the tailback did submit written documentation to USC that he had driven the vehicle.  If Schenter is simply a connection to the mother of McKnight’s child, no violation has occurred.  But if he is, why would Joe lie about it.

Believe me, there’s more to come.

[L.A. Daily News]

~ by Anthony on December 19, 2009.

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