Joe McKnight’s new wheels under investigation

Joe McKnight has wheels on the football field.  Give him space, and he’ll kick it into a higher gear.  Those wheels are acceptable by both USC and the NCAA.  But it’s the sight of the junior tailback in a 2006 Land Rover that has drawn concern and forced an in-house investigation.

The vehicle is owned by Scott Schenter, a 46 year old Los Angeles businessman.  He is also responsible for launching the website  According to Joe’s statements, his girlfriend, Johana Beltran, is employed by Schenter.  The couple has been spotted in the SUV several times in the past few months, and USC will now embark on a personal mission of connect the dots.

If evidence finds a violation of NCAA rules that prohibit improper benefits, McKnight stands to lose eligibility.  And with a program already walking on eggshells and being probed for possible ‘lack of institutional control’, any new violation is hurtful to a program still trying to clear its name. McKnight announced just weeks ago that he planned on returning to USC for his senior year.

[Los Angeles Times]


~ by Anthony on December 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Joe McKnight’s new wheels under investigation”

  1. and he didn’t know who paid transportation for his baby mama and son to attend the uw loss, the boss’ alma mater.

  2. maybe i should open my eyes around campus as to what really is goin’ on.

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