Eagles present new challenge for Carroll, USC

The Emerald Bowl doesn’t bring the same energy as years past, and USC didn’t draw a bigger name from the ACC that many were hopeful for.  But even so, we shouldn’t sleep on Boston College, because the Eagles will approach this minor bowl as a major one, hopeful to use the opportunity to make a statement.

Playing in the ACC, the Eagles have played their fair amount of high profile programs. From Miami to Florida State, and an out of conference jump to Notre Dame, BC has found itself sharing fields with some of the most respected programs on the landscape.  But lining up across from USC, no matter how small the stage, they arrive with bad intentions and much to gain.

On December 26th, the men of Troy will attempt to salvage the season with a victory over an average program.  And though the current season for USC is average in itself, the opponent arrives with a different view of the circumstances. The Eagles come to us with one glorified mission, which isn’t to defeat a spiraling team in a lesser bowl—It is to conquer college football’s most heralded coach and his ‘program of the decade’.

If you’ve ever wanted to make a name for yourself and cure your ills, beating the Trojans is that remedy.  We’ve already witness this with Washington, Stanford, and Arizona.  And though Oregon was already given some respect, they weren’t viewed nationally as a legitimate contender until they waxed USC in Autzen Stadium.

In a world where recruiting and preseason poll positioning means so much, it is Boston College, and not USC, more in line to make a statement with victory.  Regardless of the Trojans appearing without a ranking, they will be targeted for their history, past success, and popularity.

As fans, we’ve taken the lackadaisical approach to next week’s game.  But as a coach, Pete Carroll must recognize the challenge and arrive with a motivated team ready to play championship football in a baseball stadium lacking championship atmosphere.  After seven consecutive years in the BCS mix, having the Trojans focused on these visitors from the east may prove to be the most challenging task to date.


~ by Anthony on December 16, 2009.

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