Photos reveal Kiffin’s ‘Flirts in Skirts’ recruiting practice

Nick Saban and his Crimson Tide are undefeated and playing for a national title, yet his program’s success is pushed to the back pages of news. This week’s focus has fallen squarely upon that other SEC member—the one without a person named Tim Tebow on campus.

Lane Kiffin has dominated press clippings throughout his first year with Tennessee. And with Eric Berry picking up a Thorpe Award, and the Vols preparing for the Chic-fil-a bowl, this former USC coordinator has made another leap into the spotlight. In a twist of college football controversies, this isn’t about games played or waiting to be played. It’s about beautiful orange clad females out touring for recruits, with none possessing the Kiffin surname or “Layla” as a first.

Kiffin may feel he’s being picked on, and originally denied allegations that his Tennessee program used hostesses on recruiting trips, but that stance changed to become his being “unaware” of any possible violations stemming from the act. What sparked the change?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, each that surfaces says just one—FOUL. Sports Illustrated has published a photo of Tennessee hostesses being photographed with high school prospects on their turf and in their high school stadium. And if that show of evidence isn’t enough to end the speculation, Deadspin is publicizing something else, images from a social networking site showing the activity of one hostess, after she uploaded photos to her profile, adding them to an album that reads “I recruit champions. You can thank me later.”

It’s understandable that Kiffin has a different way of doing things, and most of it works as a positive in pursuit of his ultimate goal. But when you enter a conference nipping at each coach and program, you should prepare yourself and expect those victims of your tongue lashing to search every nook and cranny for dirt. The lesson learned is, if you require additional company on recruiting trips, bring the spouse, because eye candy by any other name will surely raise a red flag.

[]  [Deadspin]  [Layla Kiffin]


~ by Anthony on December 11, 2009.

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