With crystal long gone it’s the Emerald for USC

We’ve reached the end, and the Trojans youth movement may not have satisfied some of the overactive imaginations or matched early expectations, but if you cling to memories of the 90s and the dark clouds that fell upon Paul Hackett’s program, there is much appreciation for a four loss season from a group that continued to fight on each week.

There is no play for the crystal ball or even a sniff of the Roses.  There is no ten win season or top-five finish.  USC will play in the Emerald Bowl, where they will face Boston College of the ACC. And before you start absorbing the chatter about the west coast program having a definite home field advantage in the bay area, allow me to inform you that the northern portion of the state hates everything that is USC.

After seven years of performing on the larger stage, the Trojans will step onto this smaller one by the bay.  But regardless of the platform, they will carry the traditions and honor of USC football.  It’s one final defense of the empire, before regrouping in the spring, in preparation for reemergence among the nation’s elite.

Fight On!

Pac 10 Bowlers

Rose Bowl – Ohio State vs. Oregon
Holiday Bowl – Arizona vs. Nebraska
Sun Bowl – Oklahoma vs. Stanford
Emerald Bowl – Boston College vs. USC
Las Vegas Bowl – Oregon State vs. BYU
Poinsettia Bowl – Utah vs. California


~ by Anthony on December 6, 2009.

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