All quiet on the Westwood front

Shhh.  The Bruin bear is hibernating.  Enclosed in a protective box, the symbolic statue is shielded against acts of vandalism.  And likewise, in the center of the empire, Tommy Trojan is clad in his own protective coat.  Duct tape wraps the bronzed warrior from head to toe, prepared to fend off acrylic and latex based solutions, as well as nuclear fallout.—Point goes to USC.

It’s the familiar sight of rivalry week, as the Trojans and Bruins prepare to battle for Los Angeles.  But as a city is draped in chosen colors to reflect their loyalties, it is a visual appearing without sound.  There is a hush of anticipation, like the quiet before the storm.  Days pass and I patiently await the firing of the first shot, anxious to see the first post on a bulletin board and the ensuing reaction.  Three days gone, and I hear nothing.

Maybe it’s the change in circumstance that removes some of the luster.  The greater the prize, the larger the focus, and the easier it is to instigate. Last year’s “monopoly” advertising blunder provided early motivation, as the pot simmered for five months before boiling over in December.  This year, it’s the smell of natural gas, lacking that spark to ignite the explosion.

Eventually we will have ignition, and the flames will burn hotter than the lighted torch above the L.A. Coliseum.  At some point, we’ll remember that there is a game, an enemy, and a purpose.  But as for now, it’s all quiet on the Westwood front, as the countdown to collision continues.

Fight On!


~ by Anthony on November 25, 2009.

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