Flip the Irish: Ayles issues apology for ruined Kodak moment

USC, Notre Dame, Blake Ayles
The 81st meeting between USC and Notre Dame is now etched in memory and captured on film. Another classic finish will be replayed for years, preserved by flash bulbs lighting the frame by frame conclusion to retell the story through pictures.  But for this particular game, the image of rivalry wasn’t best captured in the waning minutes.  in this one, rivalry is defined by a pregame snapshot of a Trojans player expressing his personal feelings towards the Irish.

Southern California tight end, Blake Ayles, has issued an apology for a gesture made in the background of photo taken before the game (shown above), which included smiling Domers unaware of his presence behind them.  If contact on the field, competitiveness, and the scoreboard didn’t signify the hatred of this longstanding rivalry, Ayles’ finger flipping certainly does.

With a new picture surfaced to pour salt in a fresh wound, I’m sure we’ll hear more out of South Bend about the lack of discipline, sportsmanship, and “thug mentality” of their rivals.  But although the tight end’s raising of a finger on each hand may have ruined a Kodak moment, it would likely be more painful  had he displayed 8 digits to mark the current streak in the series.


~ by Anthony on October 20, 2009.

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