USC booted to No. 12; coaches pick 10

USC Washington Football
With the dust barely settled from Saturday’s shocking defeat, the fallout is clearly seen in the release of this week’s polls.  Washington used a strong leg to end this weekend’s contest in regulation, and with a swift kick, AP voters  have booted the Trojans to No. 12.

1 Florida (55) 3-0
2 Texas (2) 3-0
3 Alabama (3) 3-0
4 Mississippi 2-0
5 Penn State 3-0
6 California 3-0
7 LSU 3-0
8 Boise State 3-0
9 Miami (FL) 2-0
10 Oklahoma 2-1
11 Virginia Tech 2-1
12 USC 2-1
13 Ohio State 2-1
14 Cincinnati 3-0

The Associated Press also rewarded Washington, moving the Huskies into the top twenty five and positioning them at No. 24.  The Coaches left USC clinging among the upper echelon, dropping them no lower than tenth.

One loss clearly does not remove the Trojans from the national championship picture, but just as in years past, they can no longer control their own destiny.

[View complete poll results]


~ by Anthony on September 20, 2009.

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