Love Triangle: Kiffin wants Carroll, Neuheisel wants attention

Lane Kiffin, Monte Kiffin, college football, Tennessee
It wasn’t long after the hiring of Lane Kiffin that my speculation over future meetings between USC and Tennessee began.  After working as the understudy for arguably the greatest coach of the 21st century, Kiffin welcoming a challenge and opportunity to defeat his former boss sometime in the future appeared obvious.  Now, just one week into his new employment, the Vols coach ends speculation by stating that the Tennessee athletic department may already have a deal in place.

“Well, I think they (UT officials) already have a contract,” Kiffin said. “I think they have a contract with SC six years from now or something like that (which) was already done. I have really not thought about it at all.”–Go Vols Xtra

Kiffin fielded questions about USC, while his program prepares to host the other Pac 10 team from across town.  UCLA and Tennessee are one of several interconference collisions occuring this weekend, with the Vols hosting and hoping to avenge last season’s loss in Pasadena.

Since 1980, the Pac 10 is just 3-16 in SEC road games.  And before the Bruins attempt to defy those odds and play for a victory in Knoxville, Rick Neuheisel is already battling to escape the large shadow cast by USC.   The second year Bruins coach says 80 to 90 percent of Pac 10 media coverage is focused on USC and needs to change.

A win against Tennesse may be a start, but to dispense the coverage equally over a course of a year, he would also need to beat his rivals and shift power in the city, and win consistently to gather an audience.  He can control that.  The media can not.  No. 3 USC will play No. 8 Ohio State on Saturday in the most publicized game of the weekend.  Meanwhile, unranked UCLA will face unranked UCLA.  80 to 90 percent of the media coverage will focus on the top 10 battle in Columbus Ohio.  Should it be any other way?

[Go Vols Xtra]


~ by Anthony on September 8, 2009.

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