Coaches position USC at No. 4

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“Four” appeared to be Southern California’s magic number throughout the preseason.  With several magazines releasing their early versions of college football’s top 25, the Trojans were most often found in that fourth spot.  The USA Today’s official 2009 preseason poll was released today, and with no surprise, USC is again positioned at No. 4.

The Trojans received one first place vote and trail Oklahoma, Texas, and Florida in the opening poll.  They are joined by Cal, Oregon, and Oregon State of the Pac 10, and the out of conference scheduling of Ohio State and Notre Dame gives USC five opponents represented in the poll.

USA Today’s Preseason Coaches’ Poll

1.Florida (53)
2.Texas (4)
3.Oklahoma (1)
4.USC (1)
6.Ohio State
7.Virginia Tech
8.Penn State
15.Georgia Tech
16.Boise State
19.Florida State
20.North Carolina
23.Notre Dame
24.Brigham Young
25.Oregon State

Others Receiving Votes Kansas 138, Michigan State 136, Texas Tech 114, Cincinnati 90, Pittsburgh 64, West Virginia 55, Rutgers 51, Miami (FL) 46, Missouri 44, Illinois 38, Clemson 30, South Carolina 18, UCLA 14, Auburn 12, South Florida 11, Nevada 11, Kentucky 9, North Carolina State 7, Wisconsin 6, Arkansas 6, Northwestern 5, Southern Miss 4, Wake Forest 4, Arizona 3, Boston College 3, CENTRL MICHIGAN 3, East Carolina 3, Colorado 2, Maryland 2, Navy 2, Tennessee 2, TROY 1, Minnesota 1, Michigan 1, Houston 1.

[USA Today]


~ by Anthony on August 7, 2009.

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  2. not to be an idiot but do these rankings have any bearing on the season at all?

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