Would unbeaten USC be a title game snub?

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Although the Trojans earned a national championship share in 2003, the pain of not playing in the BCS title game still lingers.  It’s a situation that was equally painful for a 2004 Auburn squad that managed to finish their season without a blemish and not collect any hardware in doing so.  Now we have a computer spitting out an early projection of the 2009 regular season, and it tells us that the Trojans will experience another heartache, and they won’t be alone.

Congrove computer rankings claim to have successfully picked the exact national title match up 3 times since their inception in 1993.  They also claim to have picked at least one contender 11 times, with the team picked to play in the title game appearing and winning it all on three occassions.  This year’s results shows 6 programs ending the regular season undefeated, with USC being one of them.

1. Florida 12-0
2. Oklahoma 12-0
3. USC 12-0
4. Texas 11-1
5. Utah 12-0
6. Alabama 12-0
7. Michigan State 12-0
8. Virginia Tech 11-1
9. Ohio State 11-1
10. Tulsa 11-1
11. Boise State 12-1
12. Pitt 11-1
13. Texas Tech 10-2
14. Georgia 10-2
15. Penn State 10-2
16. Florida State 10-2
17. California 10-2
18. TCU 10-2
19. BYU 10-2
20. West Virginia 10-2
21. Rutgers 10-2
22. Temple 11-1
23. Troy 10-2
24. Oklahoma State 9-3
25. LSU 9-3

These would be regular season results, leaving an SEC championship game featuring undefeated Florida and undefeated Alabama.  The Big XII title game would place a North champion that is unranked in the top 25 against Oklahoma.  The Gators and Sooners winning their conference title games would give us a rematch of last year’s BCS championship.  If Oklahoma stumbles, USC may get in. But when it comes to a Florida loss, I’m not so sure.

An undefeated SEC program was denied in 2004, and I seriously doubt it would happen again.   The Crimson Tide knocking the undefeated No. 1 ranked defending champions from their pedestal would receive enough points to jump four programs and into the Pasadena for the BCS championship game.  That would leave the Rose Bowl hosting 2 games in January featuring undefeated teams, as USC would play Michigan State on the first.

[Congrave Computer Rankings]


~ by Anthony on August 5, 2009.

One Response to “Would unbeaten USC be a title game snub?”

  1. I am not convinced that many teams will go undefeated in major college football. 3? I might go with that. Six? Sorry, not buying it. Play ball, let the results take care of itself.

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