Lendale White had 70,000 reasons not to make the switch

Lendale White, USC
The jersey No. 21 became available in Tennessee, and Lendale White was prepared to pounce on the digits he donned at USC.  But with NFL camps finally underway, White wears the “25” across the front and back of his Titans uniform, as he has for each professional season.  The No. 21 is now worn by a running back that will be pushing him in the rotation, rookie Javon Ringer of Michigan State.

White, as he suspected, was informed by the NFL that he would first have to purchase all the Reebok merchandise bearing “25” before he could make the switch.  The estimated cost is somewhere in the range of $70,000, which he declined to pay.

“That’s a number I’ve wanted my whole life. So I think it would look perfect,” White said. “Since I lost a lot of weight I would probably look like Deion in his prime.”–Tennessean

A slimmer White reported to camp at 228 pounds, and with a new nickname, “save the last dance”.  The meaning derives from his endzone dancing that followed each of his 15 touchdowns in 2008, and the last will be saved for a Super Bowl victory.  Earlier this year, his backfield mate, Chris Johnson, said the name given to the tandem (Smash and Dash) is no more, wanting to be recognized as his own person, with the moniker “every coach’s dream”.



~ by Anthony on August 3, 2009.

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