Heart condition ends Frankie Telfort’s football career

Frankie Telfort
Of all the stories published about athletes and abrupt ends to their playing careers, I think this one hits home more than others. Frankie Telfort was just one of several gems in the 2009 recruiting class. Hailing from Miami, the linebacker surprised many with his choice to attend USC and become a part of Pete Carroll’s program. Today we learn that a genetic heart condition will prevent the 17-year old from running through the historic Coliseum tunnel and onto the playing field.

Without knowing him personally, I can understand the emotion that accompanies this medical finding. My brother was a teammate of the  late Hank Gathers, who succumbed to a heart condition while playing in a conference tournament game. It was the death of Gathers and others like him that sparked a move for more extensive examinations of athletes to prevent a tragic repeat.

We should consider this discovery a blessing. Though a young man is forced away from the game, life still lays a path to success. USC will honor his  full scholarship, allowing him to remain in pursuit of off field goals.  Telfort is a pre-med major, and I have no doubt that he will strive for the same excellence in the classroom as he did in full pads atop those blades of grass.

Fight On, Frankie T.,
Fight On



~ by Anthony on July 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Heart condition ends Frankie Telfort’s football career”

  1. Want to know Frankie you are in my prayers and I know God has another purpose for you. The Fight on….touched me in this article. Guess that’s all any of us can do in life. So I will echo that sentiment.

  2. Keep on fighting Frankie I know its tough right now but there is definitely a purpose behind everything and God will bless you and help you begin another journey that may be better for you in the long run ! Your in my prayers !!!

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