O.J. Simpson fears murderers

O.J. Simpson
You really can’t take anything written by the National Enquirer at face value, but the tabloid has posted an interesting story about O.J. Simpson’s life behind bars.  According to the piece, O.J’s cellmate has made numerous threats against the former football star’s life.

O.J. says the guy is a murderer and a rapist, and he can’t believe prison officials have put such a man in with him.–Enquirer

Welcome to the world of incarceration, O.J. Simpson.  When you are convicted and sentenced for a violent crime, you will in turn bunk with violent criminals.  Charles Manson was attacked in jail.  Jeffrey Dahmer was attacked in jail.  John Geoghan was attacked in Jail…see the pattern?

But also, I wouldn’t put it passed the Nevada department of corrections to fully evaluate a list of prison inmates, before finding  the ideal cellmate for the Heisman Trophy winning NFL Hall of Famer turned butcher (allegedly). Karma is a bitch…and swift, if certain people are empowered to intervene.

[National Enquirer]

~ by Anthony on July 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “O.J. Simpson fears murderers”

  1. I guess there is such a thing as cosmic justice

  2. Ah, the irony.

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