Carroll’s table set for quarterback success

USC, Pete Carroll, Damian Williams
Mark Sanchez bolted towards the riches, and some believe he took the hopes of a 2009 USC title run with him.  In his final game, we were teased with a glimpse of maturity, accuracy, and leadership, as Penn State proved to be no match for the first year starter. Pessimists will focus on that farewell game, and think of what could have been.  But optimists will wave to the departing, and take note of the strengths remaining.

Pete Carroll lost another golden boy to the NFL, but his table is still set for quarterback success.  The new face of the Trojan offense, be it Aaron Corp or Matt Barkley, will be surrounded by more talent this fall than any other first year starter,  leaving little room for failure.

A new quarterback  is an instant position downgrade, as reflected by ESPN’s Ted Miller and other sources sharing the same opinion of Aaron Corp.  And if you thumb the pages of preseason magazines, you’ll find more national hype surrounding Stanford’s Andrew Luck, Washington’s Jake Locker, and Oregon’s Jeremiah Masoli than there is for the eventual Sanchez heir at USC.  But the new Trojans quarterback sits in a better position than all quarterbacks starting in 2009, as he protected by the thickest armor, an arsenal of  weapons, and an endless stable of horses.

The USC offensive line has been rated by several preseason sources as the top unit in the country for 2009.   This is a huge stride for a group thought to be the Achilles heel of the program at this time last year.  Trojan pass catchers are also ranked as the nation’s best, which places two of three elements in place.  To complete the formula for success, there is the backfield depth and talent to ease the pressures of a first year tosser.

Sure, Mark Sanchez is gone, but stronger elements (which allowed him to function) remain.  The quarterback standing on the field for the season kickoff may actually be in a better predicament than both Mark Sanchez and John David Booty in their first career starts, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see  Barkley or Corp surpass the passing numbers for those initial seasons.

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~ by Anthony on July 15, 2009.

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