A complete misfire on Pac 10 defenses

There’s a distinct difference between analyzing and anal-izing. The former is a complete breakdown of a topic, using relative support to draw a conclusion. The latter, if in the form of spoken words, would be muffled by the cheeks we sit on. In other words, one applies logic and the other is the simple act of pulling words from your ass.

Every now and then, I’ll come across these anal-izers, and with no surprise, a new one surfaced today. Cappers Picks is an online handicapping blog, and it published an article naming the Heisman favorites for 2009. Lists of Heisman favorites will mostly contain the same names in different orders, but it was an assessment that left me irked. Breaking down the probability of Cal’s Jahvid Best winning the prestigious award, Cappers shared these words:

“The Golden Bear running back carried the ball 20 times for a 9.3 average, 186 yards and scored 2 touchdowns in California’s 24 to 17 victory over the Miami Hurricanes in the Emerald Bowl last season. He plays in the Pac-10 where defenses are virtually non-existent and there’s no doubt that Cal knows their only chance of winning the Pac-10 is to lean heavily on him.”

Non existent defenses? These words left me thinking there may be a comparison of some sort, but backtracking to two of his other candidates, I read these assessments:

“Colt McCoy, Texas, +275 – – The Texas quarterback gets to play behind an offensive line with tons of experience. Not only that but he has been fantastic the past two years and no doubt is going into his best season. He can potentially improve off of the amazing 173.5 quarterback rating. Great offensive weapons, a BCS winning coach, and a super defense means that McCoy takes home the trophy.”

“Sam Bradford, Oklahoma, +275 – – Bradford won the Heisman Trophy in 2008 and will be looking to do the same in 2009, but winning back to back Heismans is almost impossible to do. Not only that but Bradford’s
offensive line won’t be nearly as dominating and Oklahoma was exposed in the BCS Championship last year. I like the Sooners and I like Bradford but at the odds, McCoy is the better wager.”

The Texas defense from a year ago, now minus Brian Orakpo, was far from “super”. In fact, the Big 12 as a conference posted horrible defensive numbers, but it’s the Pac 10 being ridiculed in the post.

Texas finished 2008 with an overall defensive ranking of 51st, the best in conference. That makes it “super” in league play, but porous by national comparison. Six members of the Pac 10 finished higher than Texas in total defense, which includes USC (2), Oregon State (23), Arizona (24), Cal (26), Arizona State (44), and UCLA (47).

If we’re clearing a path of non existent defenses along a Heisman trail, properly identify the transparencies in the Big 12, especially the  southern section, instead of incorrectly targeting a conference that had 3 programs finish with defenses ranked in the top 25, and a fourth clinging at No. 26.  This is what happens when your eyes see the obvious, yet your ass speaks the words. It’s anal-izing to an extreme.

Over the years, USC’s lowest offensive outputs have been recorded in conference, while lighting up the scoreboard outside of it. There’s a reason for that.

By the way, Cappers also lists Joe McKnight as the “best Heisman Longshot”. Joe’s talent is amazing, and I can see his name thrown in the hat, but I’m totally in disagreement with their reasons for his winning possibility.

[Cappers Picks Blog]


~ by Anthony on July 7, 2009.

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