Alabama and USC is long overdue

Few programs are synonymous with success, and in USC and Alabama you will find a pair. Producing multiple champions on the field, and legendary coaches on the sidelines, there aren’t many that can boast equal accomplishments or produce an archive comparable to these royals of the sport. But through all the years, with so many games played, it’s sometimes hard to believe that the Tide and Trojans have only met seven times. It’s even more baffling to know it’s been 24 years since the programs last engaged.

24 years equals the largest margin between games. And with so much time passed, you can’t consider it an oversight in scheduling, and would have to conclude that it’s something neither athletic department desired. Gone are those days of Bear Bryant and John Mckay, and a visit from the West that would change football in the South. But with Nick Saban wanting to play USC, and Pete Carroll willing to play anyone, Alabama on a future schedule appears very probable.

Over the past five seasons, either by schedule or bowl games, USC has played Michigan, Notre Dame, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Ohio State, and Penn State. What is the significant link between these schools? With the inclusion of USC, these programs are bunched at the top of the list for all time victories and best winning percentages. The Crimson Tide also appears on this list of upper tier programs, but have yet to appear on Trojans’ future schedules.

While filming an ESPN commercial on the USC campus last month, Pete Carroll and Nick Saban had plenty of time to talk and maybe spark a friendship. My hope is that at some point in their conversations about each winning a national championship in 2003, NFL failures, enormous paychecks, and whatever else coaches talk about, there was a mention of their teams competing on the same field. It would be good for USC, as it would be for Alabama. And with a match up so long overdue, it would be great for college football.

[Tuscaloosa News]


~ by Anthony on July 6, 2009.

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