USC Favored For Foul Play

O.J. Mayo USC
When a program is the subject of an investigation, a proper response would be to remain on your best behavior during the probing period and for many years to come. That’s how it should be, anyway, but doesn’t always appear to be the case (see Alabama football). If I was told two years ago that the Crimson Tide were the betting favorites to be investigated by the NCAA next, I’d think people were uninformed about past occurrences. But looking at it now, obviously it wouldn’t be so far-fetched. I don’t know who the foul play favorite was in previous years, or if gambling services even posted the category, but has a current leader, at 8 to 1 odds, and it’s USC.

For the Trojans to be favored, bettors are either saying something will be missed in the current investigation that will surface again later, or USC and its players don’t care enough about this investigation to not walk on egg shells in the future. Then again, if a fool and his money will soon part, those placing wagers may have been too stupid to realize the question asks for the “next” investigation. Either way, USC leads, followed by Ohio State (9-1), Florida (10-1), Memphis (10-1), and Ole Miss (10-1).

Surprisingly, Mississippi State doesn’t appear anywhere on the list. With Renardo Sidney set to play basketball for the Bulldogs, and rumors of improper benefits swirling before he ever takes a dribble, MSU is set up for an O.J. Mayo type situation of their own.

Be it football or basketball, Southern California is the investigation favorite, though that isn’t where I’d put my money.   And by the way, you can also wager on the number of player arrests before 2011 from the University of Florida.

[Scott Wolf, Inside USC] [Fox Sports]


~ by Anthony on June 23, 2009.

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  2. Gotta love the hate though, right?

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