Remember Chris Perry?

2004 Rose Bowl, Chris Perry, Michigan, USC
No, he wasn’t the lead singer for Journey. That was Steve Perry. Chris Perry was a former Michigan running back and Cincinnati Bengal. I read his name yesterday, on a list containing UFL draftees, and had a flashback to the 2004 Rose Bowl game. With an array of stars showcased on that January afternoon, Perry’s name still stands out, because I repeatedly heard that the Heisman finalist would run up and down the Pasadena field. He finished with a total of 85 yards, never being a factor, as USC defeated Michigan to give Pete Carroll his first National Championship.

It was rumored that former Trojans receiver, Whitney Lewis, had also entered the UFL draft. But with his name not appearing on any roster, it was either myth or another league has passed him by. Chris Perry was selected by the new Orlando franchise that still has no name. Former Auburn defensive end, Marquies Gunn, was selected by UFL San Francisco, and I find it worth a mention, because he was arrested earlier this year on three counts of selling cocaine. Character is obviously not an issue in this league, and though he’s yet to realize his NFL career is likely over, the UFL welcome mat awaits Pacman Jones.

With Perry’s NFL career being short and unspectacular, I revisited the Heisman candidates from 2003 to see the other names on the list. Perry finished 4th in the balloting, behind Eli Manning, Larry Fitzgerald, and the winner, Jason White. White never saw the inside of an NFL stadium, unless he was purchasing a ticket, and Perry is now gone from the league. USC’s Mike Williams was also on the ballot, and is also displaced. Matt Leinart, Philip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger, Darren Sproles, and B.J. Symons, round out the remainder of the class.

Five of those names were major contributors in last season’s NFL playoffs, and combine for 3 Super Bowl rings in their short careers. That’s not bad.

[UFL Draft Results] [2003 Heisman Voting]

~ by Anthony on June 21, 2009.

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