Leinart achievements shadowed by Tebow shrine

If you didn’t know better, Tim Tebow is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to college football. I can’t recall another player in history whose presence alone summoned members of the media to fall to their knees, pucker their lips, and apply them firmly to the athlete’s ass. He’s a phenomenon, having more success than any pigskin hurler to grace the amateur fields this decade. That is…if you want to join the masses in idol worship.

As a member of the Florida Gators, Tebow has two National Championships and a Heisman Trophy. And if you listened to the chatter of his televised congregation, you would think the feat was unmatched, or at least unseen in the modern era. But flip the pages of history to the years 2003-2005, and you will find an equal or better performance by Matt Leinart. But this Southern California signal caller, who can easily be regarded as one of the best quarterbacks in college history, won’t receive a mention around the Tebow shrine. Because though he has the rings and trophies, Matt suffers a severe handicap, as he cannot walk on water.

Tim Tebow has become the poster boy to market Saturday’s gridiron product. In an era where all program happenings are under the microscope and in public view, he gives us headlines outside of arrests, academic cheating, improper benefits, point shaving, etc, etc. Where Leinart’s offseason highlights came with Paris Hilton and Nick Lachey sightings, Tebow’s moments included preaching sermons and removing foreskins in the Philippines. How can anyone compete with that?

Let’s just call it the “O” factor, because it’s public perception that removes that single letter and creates a difference between Leinart being “good” and Tebow being “God”.

Leinart lost just twice in his three years at USC, and only once in the regular season. He never lost a game at home or to the rivals UCLA or Notre Dame. Only a triple overtime defeat on the road, and closing seconds heroics by Vince Young, denied him perfection. He has two National Championships, and any attempt to discredit the AP title in 2003 is just as bad as pretending Chris Leak wasn’t a member, and major contributor at quarterback, during Tebow’s first championship run.

Leinart followed the Heisman winning Carson Palmer by obtaining a stiff arming figure of his own.  And though his encore performance showed similar statistics, he failed to capture a second.  In his three seasons at USC, Leinart’s Trojans finished no lower than No. 2 in the polls, finishing twice as the nation’s No. 1 by the associated press.

For a USC team led by a quarterback starting just his fourth game, a triple overtime loss to Cal was inexcusable.  For the Florida Gators and Tim Tebow, losing at home to Ole Miss in his third season is excused with a promise to lose no more.  Matt Leinart was very good, but Tim Tebow is God…are you following?

Tebow, now in his fourth season in the swamp, may eventually ride off into the sunset with additional rings and things. But as for now, this Godlike creation of the press is far from being superior to others that have played the game. Along with Leinart, a case can also be made for Miami’s Ken Dorsey as the best offensive leader since the turn of the century. But when your lips are pressed against a fleshy object, the word “Dorsey”, like “Leinart”, is more difficult to get out…  Go ahead, pucker up and try it at home.


~ by Anthony on June 8, 2009.

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