Notre Dame gives Weis an extreme makeover

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When painting a biographical picture of Notre Dame’s Charlie Weis, he appears to be many things. He’s Irish alum, a successful assistant coach in the NFL, and a man that led the Golden Domers to a pair of BCS bowl games in his first two seasons. He’s a proven winner, having never experienced a sub .500 performance at any coaching level. And with such achievements, and a hefty salary, he’s a great investment, worth more than his weight in gold.

That portrait is flawed, of course, with brushes used to smooth the edges and shadow blemishes. But the 2009 Notre Dame Spring prospectus frames this canvas for public viewing, intentionally omitting Weis’ deficiencies, by giving him a personal makeover to ensure the painting is more attractive.

If you thumb through the pages of the new prospectus, what you won’t find is any record of Notre Dame’s 2007 season, with their three victories ranking among the worst in the program’s history. You also won’t find any record of Charlie Weis coaching on a sideline, be it college or pro, for a team that failed to end a season with a winning record.

“Other records that are missing include the New England Patriots’ 5-11 season in 2000, the 6-10 year the Patriots had in 1995, the 5-11 year in 1993, a 6-10 campaign with the New York Giants in 1992 and two losing seasons at South Carolina: 5-6 in 1985 and 3-6-2 in 1986.”–Journal Gazette

Notre Dame isn’t the only program guilty of alterations, but the intentional beautification of a hot seat coach’s resume only adds support to the large contract buy-out playing a lead role in maintaining his presence in South Bend. When you’re paying a coach close to $40 million to lead a team, and deletion of embarrassments comes before termination, I’d take it as a sign of leverage. Omission is inexpensive. Expulsion is costly.

Unlike other athletic departments that erase coaching negatives from media guides, we’re talking about the most publicized program in America. If the Irish exit the lavatory without washing their hands, the public knows. A person not knowing anything about the Domers is a person new to the game. And it’s those persons, and those alone, that won’t see losing seasons, failures against teams with winning records, the dilution of the Notre Dame schedule, and the shortcomings suffered at the hands of longtime rivals. Those persons will open the 2009 prospectus and see Notre Dame’s man of genius.

[Journal Gazette]


~ by Anthony on May 25, 2009.

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