Mark Sanchez scores in New York

Hillary Rhoda, Mark Sanchez, GQ

GQ Photo

Quarterback Matthew Stafford was the first player chosen in the recent draft, but it’s Mark Sanchez scoring early and often. Selected 5th overall by the Jets, Sanchez has already taken the Big Apple by storm. His NFL jersey ranks among the leaders in national sales, and he’s easily the most publicized draftee of the class.

This week’s buzz surrounds his recent photo spread for GQ Magazine, which not only shows a different side of the former USC hurler, but may also reveal a love connection between an Estee Lauder model and himself.

According to the New York Post, Sanchez is now dating Hilary Rhoda, the female model sharing the camera with him in the GQ Photos.

“They met on the shoot three months ago and started dating. There was instant chemistry,” says a source. Adds another: “Everyone in her crew is buzzing about their relationship.”

In a months time, Sanchez has captured the gold, the glamour, and the girl. He’s easily on pace to become the King of New York.  But of course, that requires capturing victories and trophies for Gang Green.

[New York Post] [Sanchez GQ Photos] [Hilary Rhoda Photos]


~ by Anthony on May 21, 2009.

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