Trojan athletics stuck between rock and hard place

Just face it, the allegations of improprieties and USC athletics isn’t something that’s going to simply fade away or be swept under a rug. Any hopes of the NCAA performing a vanishing act on the trail of the alleged benefits received by Reggie Bush were long gone when O.J. Mayo stepped into the same light. What’s been a fairly quiet probe of the football program is completely opposite for the Trojan hardwood, and aligns both programs to take a fall.

Yahoo Sports, who appears to be more imbedded in the investigation than anyone else, now makes old information new to the public, by publishing claims of an alleged $1,000 cash exchange between USC coach Tim Floyd and Rodney Guillory. Guillory, a representative of the BDA sports management company, then allegedly delivered O.J. Mayo on the doorstep of the Trojans basketball program.  

My take is: A thousand dollars? What kind of pimp are you? Once you pay for his flight from West Virginia to Los Angeles, half that money is gone.  When it comes to pimping, you have the high class Heidi Fleiss who worked as the madam for a ritzy call girl operation, and you have Fly Guy and his street corner hoes. Rodney Guillory and BDA sports management either reflect the latter or the snitch’s figures are missing digits.

Louis Johnson, former drug dealer and basketball pimp, disclosed the transaction between the two parties, though he failed to witness the act. But either way, as long as he reaps the rewards for his cooperation and information, it keeps investigative eyes and ears prying, which may inevitably force the Trojans’ athletic department to make a sacrifice.

In order to quell a shark’s hunger, you need the blood of a small fish to lure the predator away from the larger and more valuable swimmer. In this case, the basketball program may be the guppy sacrificed to save the high profiting whale of a football program.


~ by Anthony on May 13, 2009.

One Response to “Trojan athletics stuck between rock and hard place”

  1. The 1K was a partial payment ninny.

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