Jets enter the Sanchez sweepstakes

Today, Mark Sanchez held a workout for the Denver Broncos, and Josh McDaniels was a noticeable absence on the field. The new head coach in the mile high city had been suffering with migraine headaches and opted to skip the exhibition.

Sanchez and Denver appears to be a perfect fit. But ESPN’s Todd McShay speculates (which I also believe) that Sanchez would have to fall to the Broncos at 12, as they would not be willing to trade up for him. Denver has a defense in desperate need of repair, and that’s likely where they’ll focus their priority in the draft. Sacrificing picks to move up won’t allow that. But another player has entered the Sanchez sweepstakes, and it’s one that earlier swore they had no interest in drafting a first round quarterback.

The preliminary report from New York was that the Jets were set to go with Clemens and Ratliff at quarterback. But now, according to ESPN’s Sal Palantonio, the Jets appear willing to trade up to grab Sanchez. The Jets currently hold the 17th selection of the first round, and would probably have to jump 14 spots to be certain. But if there’s truth behind the Rams willing to part with the second pick in trade, they provide an assisting branch for New York to climb that mountain.


~ by Anthony on April 22, 2009.

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