F**k it, UCLA won one

UCLA scores few victories over Trojans football, but they managed to claim a big one on Thursday. 5-star prospect Morrell Presley has de-committed from USC in favor of UCLA. The 6’4, 215 pound tight end visited both schools this month, and determined (in his words) that Neuheisel would “transform him into a better person and better man”. That appears to be the marketing ploy in Westwood, as those were nearly the exact words used by Maurice Jones-Drew, in an attempt to slam the USC program earlier this year. But “development of males and persons” isn’t the only thing being sold across town, as Presley also made a reference to the current instability of the Southern Cal coaching staff.

“And with some of SC’s coaches leaving lately, just like that, I don’t know what to expect. I know UCLA’s coaches are going to be around for awhile”, said Presley to the Sporting News.

The coaching carousel began years ago, yet it didn’t stop him from originally committing to USC. I would have to believe this was stressed even more, with the departure of Sarkisian being most current, during his visit to the UCLA campus.

Something else that may be more troublesome for USC recruiting is what Presley then went on to say:

“When I took my trip to SC, they had some players who’d come in as the top seniors in the nation,” . “Some of them told me they regret going there, because they weren’t playing. That puts a lot of stress on a person, and I don’t want that to be me.”

If there’s truth to this, the Trojans may want to rethink which players are used to host recruits, as it only provides ammunition and eases the recruiting battle for UCLA. Presley is rated as the top tight end in the nation, and we should remember from his days at USC, that the tight end is very important in a Norm Chow offense.

From a player’s standpoint, I can’t say Presley made a wrong decision. He wants to play now, and wants to play at the next level. Under the molding of Norm Chow, he’s likely to get there. But as a fan of the Empire, I just have to suck it up and say, “F**k it, they won, and the Trojans took one on the chin.”

~ by Anthony on December 19, 2008.

One Response to “F**k it, UCLA won one”

  1. The guy wasn’t really comitted to compete for a position at SC, but he doesn’t realize is they have taller and heaver TEs than him. I glad he did this now because who wants a cancer and cry baby on the team. Wow MJ dREw what a joke he says SC pays players, well didn’t he go to DeLasalle a privite school where did he get money for that. Next year Clancey will take his position, I guess he will quit and start coaching at Fucla next.

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