Remember last summer’s playoff proposal?

Remember the playoff proposed and discussed over the summer? It was a 4-team format that gained little support, and the Pac 10 and Big 10 inevitably took the blame for this far from brilliant plan crashing and burning. Some college football fans were even disgusted that it was shot down, but obviously they didn’t pay attention to the details. Last summer’s submission was another pile of bullsh** being served on our plates. It wouldn’t be much different than the current system, with the exception of the word “playoff” falsely implied to something that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. Controversy would not end with a 4 team playoff. It would only intensify. And in case you had that hunger, or probably can’t remember, let’s take a look at what they had on the menu, with the expectation that football fans would dig right in.

Keep in mind that computer equations would still select the playoff field, only expanding from 2 to 4. Based on the final BCS standings, No. 4 Alabama would be matched against No. 1 Oklahoma, and No. 3 Texas would play No. 2 Florida. All 4 are one-loss teams, but so are USC, Penn State, and Texas Tech. Utah and Boise State, the only undefeated programs, would not qualify for the playoff. 4 BCS conference champions would be banned from participation. Of the 11 FBS conferences, only 2 would be represented this season in the 4-team format. How do you tell the ACC, Big 10, Pac 10, and Big East that their seasons were irrelevant, and then send them off to bowls with the misperception that those games are still “relevant”?

Approving the summer’s proposal would only satisfy those fans gullible enough to feed on the false advertising. 4 programs representing the entire landscape of college football is hardly a playoff. Stretch it to the “Obama” 8, and if you’re Boise State, what’s the difference between that and now? The undefeated and No. 9 Broncos are still left out. 12 would be a more realistic starting point, and even that may not be enough. 12 of 32 teams are represented in the NFL playoffs, while the garbage laid on the NCAA table was 4 of 119 programs. And sadly, some people were buying it, just because the word “playoff” was existent.

You want to blame the Pac and Big 10 for creating a barricade for progress? You should thank them, along with all the others that rejected this nonsense, for their ability to smell the sh** on the path, before electing to walk that road.

~ by Anthony on December 15, 2008.

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