bRUINS surrender the fort

The idea of USC wearing their home darks for the annual crosstown rivalry game with UCLA has been kicked around for over a year now. When Rick Neuheisel became the new head football coach in Westwood, it became more of a possibility, as he played in those early games when the coliseum hosted both home teams. But as I mentioned nearly a year ago, in allowing this to happen, Neuheisel would be giving the Trojans the keys to the house.

Both teams wearing home uniforms are a reflection of old Coliseum traditions. Allowing this to happen at the Rose Bowl would be nothing more than coming to the realization that you are the ugly stepchild renting space in a venue across town, and must succumb to the wishes of the rightful owner. Rose Bowl history doesn’t show Bruins and Trojans together in darks. Rose Bowl history shows USC owning the house. 22 times the Trojans have emerged the victor in January Rose Bowl games, more than any other. Wearing the colors to represent their home isn’t so much new, as it is proper and long time coming. But honestly, if you’re a Bruin, how and why would you allow this to happen? If anything, it shows a monopoly, something they claimed to be over.


~ by Anthony on December 2, 2008.

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