Broderick thinks the grass is Greener on the other side

Well, I can’t say those are his exact thoughts, but the redshirt freshman running back from Arkansas has decided to leave the Empire and transfer. Without a doubt, Broderick Green is a load of talent, and could easily prosper in another program. Though he states family problems as his reason, it’s obvious the line and wait is too long for this runner to endure. Like Emmanuel Moody before him, he will leave USC, instead of sitting behind nearly 5 guys to get on the field.

It makes you wonder, what kind of decision would be made if the offense was different? An offense that lacks explosion not only leads to nail-biting finishes, but it denies playing time to younger players. What if the Trojans were dismantling each opponent and the 4th quarter of games belonged to Green? Would he still transfer? I have my doubts, but I can’t say playing time is the strongest reason for the transfer. I guess his new location would answer that. Some believed Emmanuel Moody may have been homesick, as well as frustrated by the lack of time on the field, but Florida is nowhere near Texas.

~ by Anthony on November 11, 2008.

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