Huskies chasing pupils when they should pursue the master

Lane Kiffin has interest in the soon to be vacant coaching vacancy in Washington. Now add USC offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian to the list. The two men have a lot in common, mostly from being on the same staff at USC. But there’s an even greater common link between them, and it’s their teacher, Norm Chow. Steve Sarkisian was taught by Norm Chow as both a QB at BYU in ’95, and as a USC assistant under Chow from ’01 to ’04. Lane Kiffin also joined Chow’s staff in 2001, beginning as a tight ends coach, before taking over Chow’s duties in 2005.

With both the students having interest in the job, you would have to wonder about the master. Norm Chow is a recent hire by UCLA, but everyone knows he’s still waiting for a head coaching position. What would it take to coax him away from the Bruins of Westwood? I don’t think it would take much. I would expect his name to enter the mix in coming weeks, as it only seems logical and proper. If it doesn’t, it will be about as shocking as Ty Willingham avoiding the axe at the end of last season.

~ by Anthony on October 30, 2008.

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