Week 3 Heisman Performances- Running Backs

Of all positions, the early season running back statistics offer a lot of deception. Some may have greater numbers in terms of yards, but you have to take into consideration how many times they carried the ball to achieve those numbers. The average gives you a better idea of how productive a back may be, just as the amount of carries may show a workhouse that is valuable to the program’s production and success. For example, Joe McKnight’s carries through two games are less than other backs for a single game. But of all the runners on the list, McKnight’s 9.2 average per rush is the highest. Shun White, my bubble back, averages a ridiculous 12.5 yards, and already has a 300 yard performance under his belt. But with his Navy team being below .500, I couldn’t put him on the list with a losing record.

Ohio State’s Beanie Wells was dropped from the list this week, due to lack of production. The toe injury has caused him to miss consecutive games now, and he has only the opening performance against Youngstown State to use for measurement. Michigan Mike Hart’s absence with injury was costly in 2007, and when Beanie returns we’ll have to see if he can work his way back into the mix. Also dropped is Clemson’s James Davis. Davis has one performance over 100 yards, and two others that don’t total 100 yards combined. Unlike some other backs, Davis doesn’t accumulate any stats in other areas of the game, so his strength is strictly running with the rock. Here’s the list of running backs in no particular order.


Joe McKnight, USC
Opponent: Ohio State

12 carries, 105 yards, 0 tds
AVG: 8.8

Season: 18 carries, 165 yards, 0 tds
AVG: 9.2
All Purpose: 224 yards, 1 td
Opponents: Virginia, Ohio State

Knowshon Moreno, Georgia
Opponent: South Carolina

20 carries, 79 yards, 1 td
AVG: 6.3

Season: 46 carries, 306 yards, 7 tds
AVG: 6.7
All Purpose: 434 yards, 7 tds
Opponents: Georgia Southern, Central Michigan, South Carolina

DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma
Opponent: Washington

16 carries, 100 yards, 0 tds
AVG: 6.3

Season: 46 carries, 312 yards, 3 tds
AVG: 6.8
All Purpose: 414 yards, 3 tds
Opponents: Tenn-Chat, Cincinnati, Washington

C.J. Spiller, Clemson
Opponent: NC State

10 carries, 61 yards, 1 td
AVG: 6.1

Season: 18 carries, 143 yards, 4 tds
AVG: 7.9
All Purpose: 447 yards, 6 tds
(210 return yards, 1 td)
Opponents: Alabama, Citadel, NC State

P.J Hill, Wisconsin
Opponent: Fresno State

26 carries, 112 yards, 0 tds
AVG: 4.3

Season: 70 carries, 379 yards, 4 tds
AVG: 5.4
All Purpose: 379 yards, 4 tds
Opponents: Akron, Marshall, Fresno State


Noel Devine (West Virginia)


James Davis (Clemson), Chris Wells (Ohio State)


Shun White (Navy), Evan Royster (Penn State)

The Horse’s RB choice: Knowshon Moreno, Georgia
The Horse’s overall choice: Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma

Next Update: Week 6

~ by Anthony on September 16, 2008.

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