Final count, 21 medals, Goodbye Beijing

The 2008 summer Olympic Games are over, and the final tally is in. Of 41 athletes representing the University of Southern California, collectively they gathered 21 medals. Only the games of 1984 had a higher output (24). The order of medals goes as follows:

Gold-9 Silver-10 Bronze-2

The 21 medals would rank the Trojans 13th in the world, if they were a country. It gives the men and woman of Troy more medals than the larger Spain (18), Canada (18), Brazil (15), and Netherlands (16). The Lone medal performance for the country of Tunisia was achieved by Trojan Ouis Mellouli. The 9 overall gold medals would place USC in a tie for 8th best in the world. The Trojans also topped all colleges, with Texas and Florida picking up 14 medals each, and Michigan earning 12. Of Michigan’s total of 12, Michael Phelps swam for 8.

~ by Anthony on August 26, 2008.

One Response to “Final count, 21 medals, Goodbye Beijing”

  1. Stanford won 24 total medals, the most for any U.S. university in Beijing.

    Texas won 10 gold medals, also the most for any U.S. university in Beijing.

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