Valdosta Georgia is Title Town….NO LIE!

I guess it would be shocking to hear ESPN’s announcement of the “Title Town” winner, and then recognize that Valdosta Georgia has no professional sports franchise, and no Division I collegiate athletics. It would also be surprising that Los Angeles didn’t even appear in the top five. But If you really examine the final result, you can see why this small town finished on top.

One thing about the South, they fully support their products. SEC football is a perfect example, but those game results aren’t based on fan votes. If you want to take a good look at fan voting, champions, and something that may not stand out as much, just look at “American Idol”.

On one of America’s highest rated programs, judges pick contestants, but fan votes eliminate and advance them, until a champion is crowned. If you look at the Idol winners and runners up, the Southern vote is well represented:

Season 1
Kelly Clarkson-Texas
Justin Guarini- Pennyslyvania

Season 2
Ruben Studdard- Alabama
Clay Aiken- North Carolina

Season 3
Fantasia Barrino- North Carolina
Diana DeGarmo- Georgia

Season 4
Carrie Underwood- Oklahoma
Bo Bice- Alabama

Season 5
Taylor Hicks- Alabama
Katharine McPhee- California

Season 6
Jordin Sparks- Arizona
Blake Lewis- Washington

Season 7
David Cook- Missouri
David Archuleta- Utah

They have some voting Mo’ Fo’s in the Southern part of the U.S. So when I see, Valdosta Georgia as “Title Town U.S.A.”, all I can say is…..Why not?

~ by Anthony on July 28, 2008.

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