Off Topic: Javon Walker says we don’t know sh*t

If you talk to the Raiders’ Javon Walker about the incident in Vegas that left him with a fractured orbital bone, he’ll tell you he has no clue what you’re talking about. According to Walker, we’ve all been misinformed.

“Ya’ll telling me something new for the first time,” Walker said. “… I haven’t really seen nothing about it. I just let everybody go into speculations of what they heard and what they think they know, to when I get ready to come out and tell what really happened, I’ll clear it up then.”

He then went on to blame the media for casting him in a bad light:

“I’m not afraid of the spotlight, the spotlight is always good depending on how you look at it,” he said “People that already got a different spotlight of me is based on really what I’ve done in football. But if people want a real respect of light of me, just tell them to go look at my record. I don’t have a record. I don’t have a rap sheet.

“You don’t hear about Javon Walker getting arrested. People’s light of me is like, hmm, he just leaves different teams because he’s not happy. Well, like any other American, that’s my right if I don’t like a job. That’s people’s perspective of me. But, outside the field, I mean, you talk to people anywhere around this country, they say I’m the nicest person off the field.”

So he didn’t get mugged, and receive a fractured orbital bone as a result. That was just the media casting him in a bad light, despite the reports confirmed by the Las Vegas police department. It also correlates with reports from the Oakland Raiders, about the health and return of their new receiver. But Walker has never heard any of this stuff, because he’s planning to eventually come with the glorified truth, as we tend to do when embarrasssed.

You know what I’m talking about. Instead of Walker’s dumb ass splashing champagne and flaunting his jewelry at a Vegas party, then willingly entering the vehicle of his muggers, it will likely be more exaggerated in his favor. When walker tells his story, it will probably be 20 men dragging him from his sleep, after a tiring day at church. He was picked for his clean image, and his assailants wanted to make an example of him. After fighting off 18 of his attackers, by himself, fatigue set in, and the two remaining got the upper hand. By the end of the story, there will probably be some type of Al-Queda involvement, and he security of the free world at stake.

I’ll be waiting for this one.

~ by Anthony on July 25, 2008.

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