Off Topic: PSU Co-Ed ending the streak

Elizabeth Burke (not pictured in the above photo), a student at Penn State university has opted to defend charges of lewdness, unlike her 7 male co-defendants who all pleaded guilty to the charges resulting from streaking across the University campus. The “Miffin Streak” is a PSU tradition. And though it’s an unlawful act, it continues on.

According to Burke and her attorney, by the exact wording of the law, a person must be “affronted or alarmed” for a criminal act to occur. And if people gathered awaiting the streakers and tradition, and expecting nudity, then the act wasn’t alarming at all.

Personally, I could sit all day waiting for a nude woman to come running by. I can be expecting it. But guess what, if that female appears and my brain registers with exclamation, “Look at those t*** and that a**”, I’m alarmed and you are now criminal. I’m not sure how the tradition works, but if in past years the streakers were mostly male, and a female gives a sudden appearance, again, the crowd would be alarmed.

And it’s not as if the crowd has minimized vision of her nudity, because there were 8 streakers in all. She’s a female. The good Lord gave her those lumps and curves, so we men can read her in Braille. I’m leaning towards Burke being convicted of the misdemeanor charge, but I would also like photographs of the event, to form a better conclusion from the factual evidence.

This is already my second entry about lewd conduct on the Penn State campus. And it’s funny, because I always viewed the Nittany Lions to be more on the conservative side. That’s what I get for judging a book by its cover.

~ by Anthony on June 22, 2008.

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