74 Diamonds on This Baby!

I was checking out the New Rose Bowl championship rings that were awarded to the Trojans this spring, and they are a thing of beauty. Featuring 74 diamonds and 6 rubies, it also references the record 6 straight Pac 10 championships. The one I have on display belongs to Keith Rivers, and viewing the achievement made me put the streak more in focus.

When the conference title streak began, Keith Rivers was still playing high school ball. He now has 2 Rose Bowl championship rings to sit along side his ring received for the BCS championship. He’s always played in January, and in nothing less than a BCS bowl game. It’s like a defensive passing of the torch. Polamalu passed to Tatupu, who then passed to Rivers, and is now held by Maualuga. The streak extends three quarterbacks (Palmer, Leinart, and Booty), and 3 featured runningbacks (Fargas, Bush, Washington). With programs like Cal and Oregon taking a talent hit, conference championship No. 7 looks very probable, but don’t sleep on the schools in the desert or the one across town.

An NBA champion Trojan: As a member of the Boston Celtics, Brian Scalabrine is now a world champion. He didn’t’ get any playing time, or if he did, I missed it. But nonetheless, he will receive a ring with his other teammates, as Boston celebrates their league leading 17th NBA title. Who would have thought Scalabrine would be a member of a basketball champion, and Sam Clancy would be playing in France? Not I. Would I have Trojan news if the Lakers won the championship? Of course I would, because the Men of Troy are everywhere. The Lakers featured two Bruins on their squad, in Farmar and Ariza, but a Trojan signs their paychecks. Dr. Jerry Buss is USC alum, so it’s only fitting that a couple of Bruins are calling a Trojan “boss”. It’s just a quick reminder of life’s pecking order.

Also, and update from an earlier entry. I reported that LaJuan Ramsey was released by the Philadelphia Eagles and would have a difficult time finding a new employer. Well, shows how much I know, because he was picked up today by the San Francisco 49ers. Best of luck to him.

Fight On!

~ by Anthony on June 18, 2008.

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