Bush Accuser Still Stalling

The never ending story continues on its path. Lloyd Lake, the man accusing Reggie Bush and his family of accepting illegal benefits, and demanding the repayment of $300, 000, is scheduled for a deposition later this week. And just as before, his attorney is making reason for his client not to give sworn statements.

Earlier, the representation for Lake lobbied for the Bush family to be deposed first, when the court schedule had lake giving the first statements. The request was granted and the depositions were given. Now, with his moment in the sun arriving, Lake’s party again is looking to postpone, and instead asking that the respondents answer even more written questions and provide documented proof before the court.

The attorney for the Bush family stated:

Lake is “scrambling for any reason not to appear, raise his right hand and tell his story under oath,” Cornwell said. “Who knows whether he’ll show up. We will be there.”

With every delay, Lake is looking more shady. He’s appearing as a man wanting as much detail as possible from his opposition, so it would be easier to fabricate stories around them. He brought this case to court, supposedly with all the evidence, yet he has some fear of revealing his proof and knowledge of accounts. What is that fear? Is it perjury?

Eventually he’ll have to tell the court something or a motion to dismiss will be filed and easily granted. The Bush’s are prepared to do just that in August.

~ by Anthony on June 4, 2008.

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