Eyes On A Foe: Bruins protected against Neuheisel’s past

With the details of Rick Neuheisel’s contract released, the Bruins don’t appear to be as stupid as some thought them to be. Neuheisel left a trail of sanctions and damaged programs behind him, but this time around, if he can’t break old habits, it’s going to hit him in the pocket.

Colorado received 2 years probation, for violations occurring while Neuheisel was head coach. Washington forced him out, after allegations of gambling surfaced and began to swirl. UCLA opened their arms and welcomed their former Rose Bowl quarterback home, but that welcome required a signature that would protect the program against any future losses.

One provision of Neuheisel’s contract states that if the program receives sanctions and/or probation, “in which the coach was directly involved, that coach facilitated, condoned, ignored what the coach knew or should have reasonably known”, bonus incentives become void and repayable to the program.

In writing, the punishment doesn’t seem very severe. But when you look at a coaches salary, you realize the bulk of their annual earnings are generated by bonuses. Neuheisel receives a base coaching salary of $250, 000 per year, but with incentives and bonuses, it’s stretched to a possible $1.75 million annually. His contract includes as follows:

Academic bonuses- up to $50,000
8 victories- $20,000
12 victories- $100,000
Pac 10 title- $100,000
Pac 10 co-champ- $80,000
BCS title game- $200,000
Any BCS game- $100,000
Bowl paying conference $1 million- $40,000
Bowl game under $1 million- $20,000
Coach of the year- $50,000

Also included in the contract is a home loan, 2 Automobiles, and a family suite at the Rose Bowl.

Note: The Bruins just landed Super prospect QB Richard Brehaut from Rancho Cucamonga. The 6’3 High School Junior should give Neuheisel a step towards reaching his incentives in the future.

~ by Anthony on May 28, 2008.

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