DOH-Mer Of The Week- Finger Pointing

The BCS is here to stay. Well, at least until 2014. That announcement came last week, and created quite a buzz in the media. And along with all the talk, quite a few DOH-mers began their finger pointing, directing it towards the Big 10 and Pac 10. As someone out here in Pac 10 country, I point a finger back, and respond with a “F*&k You”. It’s easy to place blame and play follow the leader with the media, but a majority of those finger pointers didn’t even take a look at the pile of $h!t being disguised as a “playoff format”.

We have 119 teams in division I-A football, and the proposal calls for just 4 to be in a playoff. Unlike other sports, these 4 teams are still a production of the media vote, which isn’t any different than what we have now, except it limits the number of participants in any championship conversations. Your final BCS standings in 2007 were as follows:

1. Ohio State 11-1
2. LSU 10-2
3. Virginia Tech 10-2
4. Oklahoma 10-2

How do you tell two BCS conference winners (USC and West Virginia) that their achievement is insignificant, though they have the identical records of OU, Virginia Tech, and LSU? How do you tell a one loss Kansas team that they can’t be in this playoff?

That is how they finished the regular season, with no playoff in place. But if this proposed format was accepted last season, Virginia Tech would not be in, despite being No. 1 in the computers. If the media is in full control of which teams will participate, I could almost guarantee that Tech would have received fewer votes in the final polls, with Georgia and OU receiving more. Georgia and LSU didn’t play during the season, but media voting could have, and probably would have, forced the match up. We saw this happen in 2006, when the media votes allowed Florida to jump over Michigan to obtain a spot in the championship game, and for no other reason than the voters not wanting a Michigan/Ohio State rematch.

For it to even begin to be sensible, the field would have to be stretched to at least 8, and still wouldn’t be a full representation of college football. With their proposal, and teams qualifying with human votes, you’re still getting a media champion. If you can call that a playoff, then I’d say you’ve been bamboozled. What we have now is closer to a playoff, with teams practically playing in a double elimination tournament that begins in August and ends in January. To complete it, you would just take the BCS bowl teams, with the wildcards, and play it to an end. If anything, that would have been the proper proposal, instead of the smoke and mirrors campaign that was launched. I’m not saying it would have been accepted, but it would have been a hell of a lot better than the bull$h!t they served on the plate, and expected everyone to eat. Has the desperation reached the point where people are willing to accept any format, regardless of how asinine it may be? Sorry, but I’m not that desperate.

And Jim Rome, shut the f*&k up, because I’m burning now. Who is he to call out conferences? Who is he to talk about the shame of not having a playoff in college football? College football does have a playoff, on two different levels, but no one watches that $h!t. In December, I see Jim Rome booking guests that are about to play in the BCS championship game. How about having Armanti Edwards as a studio guest, Jim? All he’s done is lead his Appalachian State team to back to back Division I-AA championships, in a “playoff”! Don’t cry about the lack of a playoff, and blame anyone for it, when you’re sitting their promoting the BCS on your damn show! ESPN can shut the f*&k up with their blame game. College football live, college gameday, Sportscenter, Thursday night football, and airing games from sun up to sun down on Saturdays is all focused attention on Division I football. Eventually, at some point near the end of the show, hidden beneath all of that, an anchor may give his “by the way, Appy State won a title today”. Pfft!

The SEC fought for a plan so transparent that it wouldn’t take 20/20 vision to see through it. They looked to be the college football saviors, and quickly turned their water into whine. College football may need a true playoff, but judging by the viewers and monies exchanged, it surely doesn’t need saving.

The DOH-mers are anyone crying about not having a Division I playoff, and pointing their fingers at the Pac 10 and Big 10. That includes anyone watching, promoting, airing, reporting and SPENDING on these events. It’s not the Pac 10 and Big 10 that are the culprits. It’s you, me, and everyone else that continues to increase the sports ratings and fatten their pockets. Stop crying, and deliver your message, by tuning out college football under the current format. Can you? I bet you can’t. So yeah, I’m giving you the finger, and DOH-mer. Congratulations.

~ by Anthony on May 8, 2008.

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