Steve Smith Plays For 3rd Championship In 6 Years

Steve Smith somehow manages to repeatedly contribute on championship caliber teams. Superbowl XLII could represent his third championship in 6 years, including his time at USC. It will also represent his fourth attempt in the same span, playing in 3 title collegiate games in college and losing one. In retrospect, veteran Randy Moss will be getting a taste of the championship atmosphere for the first time in his career.

The rookie hasn’t put up huge numbers, but has made key receptions in clutch moments to assist the Giants in victory. In Smith’s first collegiate title game, he went for 113 yards and 3 scores, as USC routed Oklahoma. But he was a bit more subdued in the second outing against Texas, catching just 3 passes for 29 yards.

The Giants will face the Patriots in the Superbowl and I’m torn between the two teams. Unable to root for Seau or Smith, I’ll just wish for them both to have great performances, regardless of who is the victor. Either way, both will make me proud.

~ by Anthony on January 22, 2008.

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