Coming Home

It looks like the shoving match between USC and the coliseum commission is coming to an end. Our terminating Governor stepped in to represent the state, and the final offer was laid on the table. Although the Trojans aren’t getting the slumlord to fulfill some of their maintenance needs (repairs, plumbing, and Jumbotron), they’re getting half off the coliseum rent. The Trojans were also seeking a 75 year lease, to which the State wouldn’t extend pass 47. The proposal is said to be in the best interest of the taxpayer, but doesn’t make much sense to me, with USC willing to fund the repairs, if they can be named master tenants. It’s pretty obvious Master Tenancy is out of the question, if the City and State plan to lure an NFL franchise to Los Angeles. You really can’t have a University calling the shots, when it comes to the needs of the NFL. This proposal leaves the door open for strong arming the Trojans, when and if the big money comes knocking at the coliseum door. The deal should be solidified on January 9th, barring any last minute jabs.

Either way, I’m pleased the Trojans can return to battle and defend the great walls of Troy. Any place else would be unacceptable and just not the same. The Rose Bowl is a single, and a double shot, in some years, but the Coliseum is the place we call home.

~ by Anthony on December 22, 2007.

One Response to “Coming Home”

  1. YAY WE ARE NOT leaving!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the Update TH!!!!!!!!!!

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