Two Weeks Notice

In the everyday world, you find a new job, give your old employer two weeks notice, pack your $h!t and make your exit on the designated date. In the college football world, you agree to new employment, but you stick around the old hang out to coach one final game. Why? You’re doing it for the guys you care so much about? How do you sell that, after abandoning them for another group of guys?

Why would Athletic Directors even allow you to hang out? I don’t see how this benefits the program. If I’m the AD at LSU, I don’t want Bo Pellini anywhere near recruits showing up for a visit. If I’m Nebraska, I want him in Lincoln and hot on the recruiting trail. You have players decommitting from Big Red. Is Pellini supposed to convince them to stay at the new and improved Nebraska, from the other end of a phone? What I see is someone saying “right now, you’re second fiddle to a better team I’m working with”. “These guys are in a bowl, and you’re not, so I’ll see you in the spring”.

Houston Nutt, Rich Rodriguez, and even Bobby Petrino did it the right way. How can you get guys to commit, when you haven’t even made a true commitment yourself? Rodriguez takes himself out of the WVU mix, and instantly Terrell Pryor places Michigan on his short list. Maybe that was the first strike against Charlie Weis, when he remained with the New England Patriots after accepting the job at Notre Dame. You can come out as a player and think “team and togetherness”, but reality hits you in the face, when your head coach has made you a secondary issue.

Rich Rodriguez fired the entire staff at Michigan. Now what does Michigan do? You have a resigned coach and fired assistants to coach a bowl game. Why would they care? Are they trying to prove themselves worthy of the Michigan head coaching position? The position is filled. Why would these kids care? Win one for Lloyd? That should have come in the last regular season game, against Ohio State. It would have saved all their damn jobs! There’s nothing to save now, but I hope you all enjoy that Florida vacation.

~ by Anthony on December 21, 2007.

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