It looks like I was right. Karl Dorrell was used by the Duke Blue Devils to keep the BCA off their backs. Poor guy. I would actually feel sorry for him, if he didnt’ spend so many years wearing that powder puff blue on the UCLA sidelines. It’s a shame though, and couldn’t have been more obvious. We’re talking about Duke, a university that has never had an African American coach in any of the school’s sports, in their entire existence. How much heat would the Devils receive, if they hadn’t interviewed Dorrell before hiring Tennessee’s David Cutcliffe as their new head coach? Oh well, it’s back to the want ads for Karl. UCLA could have at least made it easier for him, by firing him in November. At least that would have given him ample time to apply for one of the many mall Santa jobs.
Staying on the topic of coaching searches, why the hell is Michigan talking to WVU’s Rich Rodriguez? Didn’t they see what he did to Bama last year, using them to increase his salary in Morgantown and improve the Mountaineers’ athletic facilities? I can’t even think of any reason Rod would choose to leave West Virginia for Ann Arbor. He has an easier road to the BCS championship game, coming out of the Big East, where he’s already proven WVU to be the dominant team. That’s the same reason I couldn’t see him taking the Bama job last year. Greg Schiano chooses to stay in the Big East and stay at Rutgers, and the Wolverines think they’re going to pull the conference’s top coach out of the bunch?
Here Michigan, allow me to help you with your coaching search. I think you should be talking to a coach named Jerry Moore. The name may sound familiar. He coaches a team at Appalachian State.

~ by Anthony on December 16, 2007.

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