Ann Arbor is Greater Than Morgantown

The Wolverines pulled a new coach from that old place, Morgantown West Virginia. If everything goes as scheduled, Rich Rodriguez will be coaching Blue in 2008. Of course, I still have my doubts, and who can blame me, after the stunt he pulled with Bama last year. I’ll give it a few days, to see if a Mountaineer angel comes to him in his sleep, convincing him to stay at WVU.
The hire gives Michigan 2 snags in just 8 months, with John Beilein agreeing to leave West Virginia last April to be the new Wolverines head basketball coach. Two men built separate programs in Morgantown, placing them in the national spotlight, and two men departed from those programs to wear the maize and gold of Michigan.
If this is a solid hiring, the first order of business is obvious, Rod will have to hit the recruiting trail to find the necessary pieces for that spread offense. Luckily for QB Chad Henne, he’s on the way out. But unfortunate for Ryan Mallett, he has another 3 years committed to a team that is obviously about to stray from the pro-style offense. And what becomes of Super Mario Manningham? Will he stick around for the breaking in of a new system or pack his bags and head to the NFL?
It’s a great hire for Michigan. My choice was for them to go after Appalachian State’s Jerry Moore and his spread package. They did me one better, and landed Rich Rodriguez.

~ by Anthony on December 16, 2007.

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