Beware of Dog

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Can’t you just envision the upcoming blowout in New Orleans? Haven’t you read the numerous predictions circulating around the media? The Buckeyes have no chance in hell of winning this title game. They came from a weak conference, where the players move like slugs. They are facing another team from the football heaven we’ve come to know as the SEC, so consecutive embarrassments look probable. Haven’t you heard? I’m sure you have, unless you’ve hidden yourself away from the world, void of all media and chatter in the sports circuit. Ohio State will do more than lose on January 7th, they will get ROLLED.

Can’t you see it now, before it’s even played on the field? If you do, here are some things you should know, before you complete your picture of Les Miles raising the championship trophy.

This year’s Buckeyes share something in common with Texas, Florida, LSU, and their own OSU class of 2002. Those are 4 of your last five champions. Each of those champs went into the title game as the underdog, as the Buckeyes will this year. The only favorite to win since 2001 were the ’04 Trojans, who were 3 point favorites over Oklahoma.

Miami of ’02 was often called “the greatest team ever assembled”, featuring Ken Dorsey, Willis McGahee, Kellen Winslow Jr., Frank Gore, Jonathan Vilma, Antrell Rolle, and Sean Taylor. That “greatest team” went down in an overtime mess to the Buckeyes. ’03 saw the favored Sooners fall to LSU. We skip ’04 and move to ’05, where Vince Young and the Horns defeated USC in their own backyard. And just last year, The Gators ended the Buckeyes’ perfect season in style, with a blowout victory. If it makes any of you LSU fans feel better, USC of 2004 is also the only team since ’01 to be ranked atop the BCS standings and actually win the damn game. The Tigers go in as the BCS No. 2, which has been a great spot for many former champs, but look at what No. 2 has done this year. Look out!

It’s funny how we get a 2 loss LSU team in the championship game, and they become the heavy favorite to win. If you listen to the LSU supporters, they’ll chime in on Les Miles’ words, saying “we’re undefeated in regulation”. That’s a good excuse now? That excuse didn’t fly in 2003, when people were trying to breakdown the differences in LSU and USC, with USC’s only loss coming in triple overtime on the road, and LSU’s loss coming in regulation at home. Eh, new times, and new schemes of support. I can live with that. What I can’t live with is the making of the two victors over LSU to be college football juggernauts. Sure, Arkansas and Kentucky play in the SEC, but they’re not exactly top feeders. Remember way back when Kentucky had that great come from behind win over Louisville? Well, now that the regular season is over, I think we can all see that Louisville stinks. Anyone disagree?

Okay, I’ve strayed a little, but let’s get back on course. This is year number 10 of the BCS, and the underdog has posted a 6-3 record overall. Why can’t the Buckeyes make it 7-3? What gives this dog less of a bite than the others? Their schedule? Their conference? What? Huh? Is it because you can’t forget Florida taking Ohio State behind the woodshed last year? Is it because the SEC has never lost in the BCS championship game or the Buckeyes have never beaten an SEC opponent in a bowl game? There has to be something more that stands out, something that has so many convinced that the Buckeyes are about to get their scarlet and gray a$$es beat. What is that one thing? Can anyone even tell me?

How about this answer…because the media has you convinced that it’s going to happen.

Beware the Dog!

~ by Anthony on December 11, 2007.

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